12 August 2009

photo shoot

It's totally normally to put on coordinating outfits with your friends and have someone take photos of you, isn't it?
I may or may not have gone to everyone's apartment individually and rifled through her closet to pick out an outfit for her. These are the "joys" of being my friend.
Totally candid, as are all of the laughing shots of the evening. Although really, you can only fake laugh for so long until it turns into real laughter out of embarrassment for yourself.
The best thing about this photo is that everyone clearly got a different memo about the face we were supposed to make.
The Pearl District really has some amazing places to take photos. And getting into this window was quite a climb, this photo doesn't do it justice. I even had to take my heels off for safety purposes.
There are an alarming number of photos in which I am laughing with my eyes closed. It's probably what prevented me from ever becoming a model, the only thing.
Em and Meg scored these flapper dresses on sale at H&M during their trip to DC over the Fourth. Amazing find girls!
We were quite a sight, but I'm used to making a scene so it was NBD.
I love this fountain in Jamison Square. I also love that the public is welcome to climb into any fountain in the city of Portland.
More than 250 photos later, and we've had enough.
Matt was the day's photographer. Emily is clearly going to look super hot in her wedding dress next month, not to mention the stuff I got her for her bridal shower this weekend. :)


Lindsay said...

This is so Sex and the City! I love it! I'm also way jealous. Next time you, me and Kirst are together we're sooo doing this.

Emily said...

love them!!

Rachel Z said...

You are my favorite.

Diana said...

I love that you put this out there for everyone to see. haha! I love it. And I love that I get to experience all the joys of being your friend :) Oh, and I'm so glad you were willing to play along and climb into the 'window.' So worth it!

Kristine said...

You girls are just so cute, it's ridiculous! Somehow, I'm not surprised that the fashion choices were yours. :) I think that overall, Diana wins for most photogenic while laughing. (The question, of course, is whether she can pull off cute while crying... I'm always jealous of people with that talent.) Also, the Pearl District window really is one of the coolest places ever.

Whitney and Nathan Tanner said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're still having photo shoots! Like seriously, could they be more fun? Sometimes it's hard for the photographer who doesn't think we're as funny as we are..., but the fiance idea was genius! They'll do anything! You're a babe, Court! Miss you!